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A FCI and SSK (Svenska kennelklubben) approved kennel.

Bohemianchic Flatcoated Retrievers for work & fun


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SEVCH Bohemianchic Honey Crunch ” Luna “

SEVCH Bohemianchic Honey Crunch ” Luna “Mar 27, 2019 They did it Ā šŸ„‡ Blood/ gametrackingĀ  CHAMPION !Ā  Bohemianchic Honey Crunch ” Luna ” is just 15 months old !Ā  Great job...

Bohemianchic Honey Crunch ” Luna “

Bohemianchic Honey Crunch ” Luna “Mar 12, 2019 They did it againĀ šŸ„‡ Blood/ gametracking 1st Prize in Open klass , one more 1st Prize to go and they are Swedish Bloodtracking Champions !Ā ...

Flatcoated Retriever Club Awards 2018

Flatcoated Retriever Club Awards 2018Mar 12, 2019   The Swedish Flatcoated Retrievers Club awards every year the best FCR on their merits achieved during the year. Shanti was placed for 2018...

FCI and SKK ( Svenska Kennelklubben, Swedish Kennel Club) approved kennel nr. 20160114

english, german, italian, swedish and french spoken

Claudia Froreich

Ā Karlstad , Sweden

mobile +46 70 3624644